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Bonding is a quick and painless method of repairing gaps, chips and crooked teeth. Bonding is a white plastic paste, called composite resin. It is semi-liquid in the beginning, but is often cured or hardened with an intense ultraviolet light.

Bonding can be tinted to match the color of your teeth. This material is applied to your teeth and sculpted to cover or replace the problem area.


There are several advantages to bonding. It is painless and can be accomplished in one visit. Bonding takes very little time and several teeth can be corrected in one session. It is cost effective and can be used on children because the bonding material can be removed and replaced as the child grows.

There are some disadvantages as well. Bonding treatments do not have the longevity of crowns and sometimes the composite resin can be stained.

When skillfully applied and sculpted, the bonding material allows you to have a natural, beautiful improvement to your smile.
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