Merrry Christmas

December, 2007.

Dear Friends,

Hello! It's Christmas time again and I'm pleased to send you my Annual Newsletter, and to wish you all a
wonderful Holiday Season! With each newsletter, I'm amazed at how quickly life rushes by I'm now accepting
my "middle-aged" status as my daughter informs me that she really needs her own cell phone and my son asks
me if he can wear my new Babolat tennis shoes. More about them later. As always, I feel privileged to be
your dentist and I wish you all the love and good tidings that Christmas brings. As for the newsletter, go
grab yourself a snack and cup of tea 'cause this is gonna be a LONG one.

First, I will update you on my kids. Kaitlyn, my almost-14-year-old daughter is so much like I was at 14..
she's an honours all-around student, pays attention to detail, independent, extremely capable at multi-tasking,
hard-working and is an excellent pianist (currently working on her Grade 10 piano). Happily, she excels me
in many other ways..she's a great swimmer and long-distance runner (I still can't swim properly); she's a
wonderful baker and martini maker (er, don't ask); plus she's a whiz on the computer (well, what kid ain't
these days?) Not only that, she's a convenient babysitter to her brother now that she's of age (not that we
leave them alone for any significant length of time in this crazy crime-riddled world.)

As for my 10-year-old son, Tyler, he's a cheerful, respectful young dude who enjoys team sports, tennis, has
many friends and adoring teachers (his shy smile must cast a spell upon them.) He's improving his grades in
school, although he occasionally forgets the due-dates on his projects. Overall, he's a quiet and thoughtful
child who actually worries when my husband and I go out for an evening (he never goes to sleep until we're
safely at home..what a drag!) Also, according to my nanny, Tyler has a healthy fear of my anger. She only has
to say, "Wait until your Mommy comes home.." and he'll do cartwheels for her! Hey, don't ask me why.. I've
never had to spank him or anything. But when I do get angry, I simply narrow my eyes and speak to him in a
low, deep, demonic voice. For all you new moms - try it, it works!

Anyway, I know that I'm really blessed to have such extraordinary kids, and I thank you for taking an interest
in them and my life. Now, onto the office news.

This year has not been a good one for the clinic. Unfortunately, during the months of June and August, we
suffered two Break-and-Enter thefts first at the MD Laser Skin Clinic and then at the Dental office. The
thieves smashed through the glass doors, ignoring the activated alarm and made off with petty cash, our CD
player and my digital cameras. They damaged some cupboards and walls, but on the positive side, they left my
computers and dental equipment untouched. Thankfully, my insurance policy covered most of the losses, but,
as those of you who have been through similar experiences know.. the feeling of anxiety, violation and
vulnerability stay with you.

As a result of Rebecca's sudden departure, I am grateful that Dr. Adriana Cesnik and Dr. Sook-Yee Chan
have decided to join my practice as associates. Adriana and Sook-Yee are both highly accomplished dentists
who will help me to provide you with quality dental care, in the gentle manner that you've been used to.
Both are honours graduates from the University of Toronto and both are extremely cheerful and caring
(because that's just in their nature!) Since I'm not getting any younger and will have to slow down
eventually, I hope that you'll accept their expertise in taking care of your dental needs. If you are
interested in their professional biographies, please visit our website. The lowdown is this: Dr. Cesnik is
a "newly-wed" who enjoys working out in the gym, at the crack of dawn, before she comes in to begin her
10-hour day at the office (Boy, what stamina!) You'll definitely remember her for her brilliant blue
eyes and her equally bright smile! As for Dr. Chan, she has over 14 years of experience as a dentist,
and she's a single mom of two young children. I know.. she looks like she just graduated from high school
(darn those Asian genes), but you'll love her sunny disposition and her humour! And I mustn't forget to
mention that Dr. David Zins is still in our office every other Tuesday p.m. to perform the "30-minute"
root and efficient..just the way I like it.

Despite the adversity, we are continually working hard to provide you with state-of-the-art dental care,
and all of my staff is committed to making your visit a pleasant one at our office. However, dental insurance
plans are complex, and now, with the Privacy Act, it is increasingly difficult to give you fast, efficient
service with regards to tracking claims and predeterminations. We ask for your patience and cooperation
with the paperwork (especially when there is Coordination of Benefits) because much of the reimbursement
process is out of our control. For this reason, please do not be offended if we ask for "same day" payment
during your visit because some insurance policies simply will not pay us directly.

Speaking of technology (oh, we weren't?), I'm pleased to offer the newest and latest in periodontal disease
treatment. The new "Periowave" is a light-based, disinfection therapy designed to eliminate harmful bacteria
in the periodontium (the gum attachment area around the teeth). This procedure is painless and fast. It
involves using a blue dye that preferentially stains and sensitizes the bacteria living the infected pockets.
Then, a laser probe is inserted into the pocket which activates an oxidation process that destroys the
harmful bacteria thus promoting healthy gum tissue to heal onto the roots of the teeth. Clinical studies
have documented a reduction in bleeding, inflammation, and a decrease in gingival pockets depths.

Most insurance plans restrict the amount of dental cleaning a patient can have per year (which is frustrating
because it is not enough to control active gum disease), but with the addition of this new procedure
(which is covered by most plans), we may be able to stop or even reverse the damage caused by gum disease.
If you think you can benefit from this laser therapy, don't wait for your next recall appointment! Just
call Karen, my office manager, and let her know that you're interested in the Periowave, and we'll send
an estimate to your insurance company to see if you're covered.

As most of you know, I have special training in orthodontics (braces) and I'm thrilled that I've been a
part of transforming young children with malocclusions into confident adults with beautiful faces and
smiles. I've been doing "ortho" for 17 years and I am constantly updating my knowledge in the discipline
through regular continuing education and by participating in an ongoing orthodontic study club. As a result,
I am very confident in my skills at straightening teeth in a fast and efficient manner (please see my
bulletin board which proudly displays all the "recent ortho grads"). I thank you for placing your
children in my care and for the many referrals you have given.

Due to my "Type A"/ "perfectionist" personality disorder, performing extremely detailed, precise work like
cosmetic dentistry is right up my alley. I strongly believe that having a young-looking, healthy smile gives
an important psychological boost to our overall health and outlook on life. With a team of highly artistic
lab technicians, oral surgeons and my experience in veneers, crowns, and implants, I take great pride in
delivering customized, state-of-the-art, smile makeovers that will last a lifetime. Believe me; the greatest
first impression in a person is not only in their eyes, but in their smile.

In addition, I feel that other anti-aging procedures are extremely important in this day and age in order to
give us the self-esteem and confidence we need to succeed not only in our careers, but in our social life.
That's why I'm also the part-owner of the MD Laser Skin Clinic located on the 2nd floor above the dental
clinic. My medical aestheticians offer laser hair removal, photo-rejuvenation, laser leg vein removal,
chemical peels, acne facials and much more. We also provide Botox and filler injections which are performed
by doctors, dermatologists and me. We have on-going specials that are highly competitive and our services
are done in the comfort of a boutique spa-like atmosphere. Come' on upstairs!! Some of you are still
surprised that the medi-spa is there! Wendy and Dana, my two highly capable and trained medical
aestheticians will gladly give free consultations and address any cosmetic skin issues you may have.

In keeping with the fast-paced world of information technology, those of you who have given me your email
will be reading this letter via an interactive Xmas card (kinda fun, eh?) For those of you who don't
have an email or have not yet given me your e-address, you will have received our Xmas card via the postman.

You can help me save trees and some stamps by clicking onto our dental website (see below) to register
your email address in our draw to win one of 3 prizes: a FREE dental home-whitening kit, a FREE Sonicare
toothbrush or FREE laser hair removal package of your choice for 4 treatments. Register on or before
Jan 30th; draws will be held on Jan 31st. Wow, what dentist in Toronto can offer that?

Finally, I have to apologize for the construction work that is taking place all around the clinic. The facelift to
the building is much needed and I'm sure that the facility will look sleek and modern come the spring. In the
meantime, I'm afraid that the parking lot will be a nightmare but I will be giving out free Advil to ease
your suffering.

Well, I've come to the end of my longest newsletter yet and I thank you for sticking with me as a reader and as
a patient. Thank you also for your lovely butterfly gifts and all the referrals..I greatly appreciate your
thoughtfulness and support! Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and a Happy New Year!!
May God bless you with good health, laughter and joy!

From Dr. Lily Lo and the entire staff!

ENTER our draw TO WIN prizes at Smiles Toronto

Lily, Ken, Kaitlyn and Tyler

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