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Orthodontic treatment enhances your smile and boosts self-esteem. Problems include crowding of the teeth, deep overbite, overjet, underbite and open bite. Dr. Lily Lo specializes in the area of orthodontic procedures. Orthodontic treatment can be performed for aesthetic reasons to improve the overall appearance of the patient.

In most cases orthodontic treatment is prescribed for practical reasons. Orthodontics provides the patient with a functionally improved bite.

Orthodontics Underbite Overjet

When treatment is recommended for the dental displacement a fixed multibracket therapy is used. Orthodontic wires are inserted into dental braces. Also removable appliances, headgear, expansion appliances, and other devices are used to move teeth. After orthodontic treatment, patients often wear retainers, which will maintain the teeth in their improved position.

Please visit our main site: Smiles Toronto for detailed information and orthodontic photographs.
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