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Replacing a lost tooth as soon as possible is important because it will prevent the other teeth from drifting out of line, resulting in further problems. Replacing missing teeth is achieved through dentures, bridges, implants and crowns combined with bridges.

Dentures can be partial or full and are made in a dental lab, based on a mold or impression of your teeth and jaws. Full dentures are used when all of your natural teeth are missing.

A removable bridge is composed of one or more false teeth and is often positioned using clasps which attach to nearby natural teeth. Partial bridges or dentures are removable for cleaning at night. Dentures are required if nearby teeth are not strong enough to hold a bridge or if more than a few teeth are missing.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Dental implants can improve your quality of life by enhancing the way you eat, speak, rest and appear. Although there are alternatives for replacing missing teeth (dentures, bridgework) dental implants is the preferred method as they are securely anchored into the jawbone.

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